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About Us

Hello to all board game fans! Take a moment and look at your board game shelves!

Do you see any of the games made in Asia?

Probably not (^v^), and likely you will have to Google to even find one.

Board games are not major in Asia, both in terms of playing and creating.

We at Spherewalker Games lament this situation, as we know there is so much fun to have with board games, and our Asian style has it's own magic to offer to the board game world.

As board game fans like you too, we've made it our mission to project a new angle to the board game community both at home and abroad.

For home we offer games that can fit in our cubicle sized flats, and for abroad we wish for the community to enjoy a slightly different approach to both aesthetics and gameplay.

We promise to keep making games to entertain the whole world.

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